June Minutes

  • Officer Terrell joined the meeting and provided a report on Beat 7 police activity.
  • Nick Despota showed us the neighborhood council’s website he is updating—you’re looking at it! Thank you, Nick and Daniel McGlynn!
  • Diane Richwine and David Swansons reminded us that we need to be prepared either for an earthquake, in which we remain in our homes; or events for which evacuation is recommended. They provided a one-page emergency preparededness guide that lists minimum earthquake supplies for two weeks in our homes, a grab-and-go kit,  and items we should have pre-packed in our cars.
  • Trish Clifford’s talk included the attached resources for Gardening in a Drought:  Food Gardening during Drought  and  Drought Gardening resources.
  • Sixty-three neighbors responded to the survey on changing the Council’s name and 81% favored changing the name to the East Richmond Neighborhood Council. Members attending the June meeting voted unanimously for the name change.
  • We shared some information from RPA Crime Prevention staff on preventing catalytic converter theft : Catalytic Converter protection
  • We voted to support appropriate traffic measures as needed for the Key and Barrett intersection.
  • A big thanks to Charles Smith, Barbara Tanaka, and Michele Rappaport for helping with the Saturday, June 18 “Dumpster Day.”