“Path to Clean Air” plan published

During the first half of 2024 a community-led committee and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) will be discussing the adoption of a draft plan titled a “Path to Clean Air” (PTCA).

In addition to describing the sources and areas of Richmond that are most affected by very fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) and air toxics such as benzene and diesel particulate matter, the plan proposes actions to limit the health effects of these air pollutants.

A 2018 Contra Costa Health Services study showed that asthma rates in the county are higher on average than in the rest of California and are especially high for children and Black residents. Also, residents living near the Chevron refinery, freeways, and railroads experience some of the highest pollution levels in the state.

Click here for a helpful PowerPoint summary of the draft plan, and click here for a full copy. In addition to providing comments at upcoming meetings, we encourage you to email any comments on the plan through this Friday, 1/19, to aqplanning@baaqmd.gov (for example, given recent flaring incidents, you can call for significant reductions in flaring and express strong support for one of the plan goals to reduce toxic emissions from local sources by 30-50% by 2035).